Life is uncontrollable so love should be unconditional 😎😍

Hello friends , today i was thinking that there is nothing that we can control like life , air , water 💦.so why when we are in love want to control the persons choices , desires priorities .

Yeah thats true , that its human nature that when we feel something for someone we naturally start expecting something in return.

But if we realise what actually love is about .

It’s not about doing something just for that sake that you have to because for love.

Love always should be for establishing strength in your loved ones .

I always wanted to be the reason for smile and all for good reasons .

Sometimes it’s actually difficult to analyse what we actually want and what we actually get in reality,, unnecessarily expectations leads to disappointment in any relations.

Love should be pure, without any condition.

  • Give your hundred percent in your relationship.
  • Do small things that you want to celebrate with him.
  • Small love notes do magic .
  • Never leave in a argument , lets finish it.
  • Sometimes , tell your hard truth about your relation, its good to share what you actually think.
  • Be yourself ,, never try to impress by someone else personality.


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