His last blessings ….

Hello friend , i have been gone through some painful incidences that makes me anxious towards the pattern of life.

In last October i planned to go my mothers house to stay for few days . I thought its always better to take some break as it gives some kind of peace and a fresh mind .. so i was getting in to my car with my kids and i was just about to go ,, then suddenly my grandpa from inlaws side came to me nd said dnt go its better to stay here only.. in a very calm nd friendly nature .

I smiled and said that i will be back soon ,,, nd take blessings from him and went to my mothers house..

On somepiont i was feeling that i should stay there only then i thought i am going just for few days ,, there was no problem everything is going to be fine .

Then , after one day only i got a call from my husband that grandpa got a brainstorming attack ! ,, and i was so shocked and shattered that I cannot tell from what phase i was going through.

How life changes within seconds ,, grand pa is no more ,, he was hospitalised for few days and there he left us without saying anything …

i always have a regret that I should listen him and atleast stay one day with him.

So always give your time , care and concern to all those who are always for you😊


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