Yessss i use to get afraid…….

“Hain mai aaj b darrte hu” these are my soul words that come out whenever i read newspaper and whenever i watch news channel,, its heartbreaking to read and watch sad incidents regarding sexsual harrasment … being a women i felt so unsafe and helpless.., we all can just feel sad about it ,,, today i realise why people dnt support their daughter to fullfill their dream its just because of their safety concerns … we all believe in equality bt the surrounding creates so many bad experiences that forced people to think twice before allowing their daughters to move out side…. now being a parents i realise their concern … i am also feel shocks to see this kind of inhumanity by a human to another humans .

I really got disappointed ,, when i dnt kbw how to get over from all these … i wish something would change for that law needs to be revised ,,, its not going to be handle by only candle march,,, its time to take legal actions…

new hope will come with thought 🙏


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