Its 21 century, where everyone is moving towards meet the today’s scenario..where some are left behind…in puzzled relation ,,its really easy to say that time has changed ,, its time to give equal freedom to both the gender …lot of good sounded stuff is speaks out by our society towards modern society where everyone has the right to choose , judge , wear,accept, work etc … but in reality yes there is modernity in wearing branded clothes ,, choosing international schools , in choosing better grooming classes But in terms of thinking still people left backwards i.e. girls should not wear western clothes,,girls should learn cooking as it will help her in future , girl should bring nice percentage because everyone wants educated brides, girl should be beautiful ,,,otherwise there would be difficulties in marriage blah blahh…..🤪this is the awkward and backward disease from which our society is still suffering 😞…

I wish I could find a doctor who can cure it … dnt know how much time it all take to get vanished from this’s society,,,, because its irrelevant to our mindset ….


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