Friendship taboo

Most wonderful ,real , casual ,interesting ,funny,serious bond among people. Sometimes i think if there will be no friend then how would be life , i think it would be like food without taste😜.
Friends are like diamond 💎 who enhance your persona .
Basically , in our life we had good range of friends i.e childhood friends ,school friends,college friends, facebook , twiter,insta ,snap etc friends …. evn nw days the more online friends u have u feel popular.
Its really for important for us to identify our real friends because the way friends can enhance your persona evn they can ruin your life .
Its good to be friendly with everyone bt when it comes to have a great bond thn be alert .
A good friend company will support you , love you care for you , and when you are wrong they will stop you too ,, bt if friends are not good they demotivate you , push you towards all wrong jobs .
So be choosy for friends as " all shiny stone are not diamond 💎 ".
Luckily, i have the great friends who are always there for me whenever i am indeed.. god blesss them😊


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