Mooohhhhooo…….,… the afffection,,lovee

If  in this world “moohho “(love) doesn’t exist then,how this world would run?

Because only love can affect everything that is happening.

Like how a woman get ready to give a birth to a precious life even after bearing so much pain … nd not just giving birth ,thereafter  and taking a super care .

Thats only moohoo can make people to help others,,, 

Not just human but everything who can feel do everything fr thisss mohooo..

For me mohoo is sumthing tats undefined word because i think its a kind of feeling for anybody or anything that make us do my personal life for me mohoo is “my love for my husband and baby’s ” because whatever i use to do for them only ,,, i found its pleasure to do things for themm ….. thats alll mohoo funda i think😉..


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