A ray of hope

  1. Being busy with family ,, is greatest blessing from god as we have been surround by people who love us and support and care for us ,but to be a housewife is sumtime feeled that somhow or sumway i am losting myself as m busy in playing different like daughter in law ,wife and nw mother . I love to do all role but when i am alone nd get little bit time lots of thoughts make me feel worried that somehow i am losting my identity… nw thorough this blog i want to represent me with my own role “komal”

How life changes

Its a great  change that has come frm past 27 year ,,in childhood life was awesum as whole day the job z to just have fun ,, thn school days were also great , i still remember how my army retired principle use to create a terror 😂 in childrens mind by  using different punishment tricks,, lyk putting two bricks in bag nd her raw branch stick ,,,its all horror ,,, all the childrens pray tat Tuesday come as early as possible as principle  dnt  punished on that day because he was a hanuman ‘ follower. I also feel lucky as i  always get extra preference being a gud student,, those days were too gud ,,atleast there was a daily challenge to face  through morning assembly