A journey towards an end….

Life is a mystery. It’s  begins with a tiny  egg  and last with hard bones with a epitome story of one’s life.its been a joyful moment for everyone when a new baby arrives..everyone bless the baby to have a successful and long lifee..,,from day one only people start expecting from that baby i.e bada hokar doctor  banega””meri beti ias officer banegi”” its like who life is scripted to kid …. but life is so flexible that can’t be scripted..its full of  curious moments…nobody knws when it change!!a person could got everything in one day and even a person can loose everything in a moment its all about hardwork,destiny and luck..people is becoming happy to have a rich life even they should be bt sumhow forget to have rich social lifee .. because everyone forget that one day life will b ended with only a great life story…so just frame ur life story so beautiful and faithful that people always get reminded of it..


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